A Different Kind of Beef Jerky


Pap’s Genuine Beef Jerky: A different kind of beef jerky

I’ve always liked beef jerky, but I’ve also pondered just why I like beef jerky on many occasions.

Here’s what I mean: On those occasions when my body craves red meat (it isn’t often) and I cook myself a steak, I always cook it rare to medium rare. If I order a steak in a restaurant, I order it medium rare, without fail. Ditto with a burger. Yet, beef jerky is just meat that is so overcooked that it is nearly unchewable.

So why do I like it? I like the flavor of the meat, of course, but people who make jerky also add spices and flavorings to make the experience more enjoyable, even as you gnash your teeth trying to rip this leathery substance apart and wear out your jaw muscles trying to chew it.

All of this is why I was pleased recently when I came across Pap’s Genuine Beef Jerky. The secret to Pap’s is that it’s cut extra thin, which helps make it far, far easier to chew. And when you pull it apart, you don’t see the stringy stuff left behind so often in jerky — and it somehow maintains enough moisture not to be what amounts to a meat cracker.

Founded in Junction City, Kentucky (about 80 miles south of Louisville), Pap’s bills itself as using 100 percent meat with no fillers like “corn solids, soy flour or mechanically separated chicken,” whatever that is. And the website boasts that Pap’s jerky is “so tender it chews down like a steak.” To top it off, Pap’s has the mother of all slogans in, “Kind of like tofu, if tofu had four legs and went ‘moo.’”

Typically, if I buy jerky, I buy it from Rusty the Jerky Guy. You know Rusty if you go out at all — he makes his way around The Highlands, Crescent Hill and other neighborhoods, peddling jerky in plastic bags from a basket. Nice guy, and makes good jerky out of his home. But Rusty’s jerky will give your mouth a workout. As tasty as it is, it’s often a bit dry, and a challenge to chew. You have to want it.

And if you’ve ever bought gas station jerky — come on, admit it — you know that stuff is either so tender that it’s clearly fake (see also: mechanically separated chicken?), or it’s so dry and hard that it’s like chewing on someone’s work boot. Where’s the middle ground.

I happened to have some thick-cut Mingua-brand jerky on hand, some of Rusty’s jerky left over from a semi-recent night of too many beers, and also two versions of Pap’s, so I decided to do an informal tasting. I started with the Mingua, which is made in Paris, Kentucky. The flavor is hot, and the package notes that “smoke flavor is added.”

I plucked a big piece from the package, and, while it’s relatively thin compared to most jerky, when I took a bite, it pulled apart with a slight “riiiip” sound and left those aforementioned white stringy things everywhere. Was it tasty? Absolutely. Not terribly spicy, but a pleasant enough flavor. Not bad. But plenty chewy.

Then, I went to the Rusty’s jerky, which was apparently a medium hot that I mistook for something hotter (I should have held out for the kind bearing the cartoon of the animal with a flaming butt on the package). Again, a pleasant, mild flavor, but thick, difficult to chew, and plenty of white stringies (although not quite as much as the Mingua).

Then I grabbed a piece of the Pap’s, hot flavor, and while I can’t say the overall flavor was necessarily far above the competition, it was slightly spicier and much easier to chew, with no stringy things to speak of. And I know that part of the allure of jerky is the chewiness, and I’m not saying that isn’t present at all — it just isn’t a chore to bite through and smash up with your molars. Honestly, some jerky just makes my mouth muscles sore.

I also bought a package of the Pap’s mild version, and got the same result, minus the spice. In fact, I almost liked mild better than hot — rare for me — just because the beef flavor shines through so readily, with just a hint of soy sauce. It’s quite good.

Anyway, you can find Pap’s jerky and other products at Papsbeefsticks.com, and you can also get it at Great Flood Brewing Co., and probably other locations. Keep your eyes peeled for hot, mild, Pitmaster’s BBQ, and Blazin’ Cajun flavors.

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Pap’s Named One of the Top 3 Beef Jerky Brands of 2016

Pap’s is honored to have been named in the top 3 beef jerky brands by Explorer Gear co.

The Top 8 Road Trip Beef Jerky Brands of 2016

by Collin Guernsey February 08, 2017

If you are working on planning your end-of-fall road trip, then you will be excited to learn more about 8 of the top beef jerky choices to take on your trip. There are thousands of beef jerky recipes to choose from and we recognize that we only have a small sampling, but after testing, we feel that these are some of the best out there. We know that being on the road just gives you that little craving for some tasty, salty meats. We evaluated these jerky brands on an 18-hour road trip from Ohio to Maine, we took them in the car, on our hikes, in our cabin and even deep sea fishing. We thoroughly evaluated and taste tested the meats amongst 8 different individuals and here is what we found.

No. 3 – Pap’s Beef Jerky

Pap’s Beef Jerky was a close runner-up to Dried and True and People’s Choice. It stood out with both flavor and texture, but the big winner on Pap’s Beef Jerky was the thin texture that melted in your mouth with just the right amount of chew level for those liking a bit less chew overall. You certainly won’t be breaking your jaw over this jerky. We really loved the barbecue blend that Pap’s offers and it even had a touch of heat that made everyone in the car fight over it, until it was gone seconds later. Though Pap’s may be a lesser known brand, they are certainly worth your time and a quick order before packing up your vehicle for that upcoming trip.

Flavor to try: Pitmaster’s Barbecue

For the full story visit https://explorergearco.com/blogs/gear-suggestions/the-top-8-road-trip-beef-jerky-brands-of-2016


World’s Biggest Individual Bag of Beef Jerky

world's biggest individual bag of beef jerky

World’s Biggest Individual Bag of Beef Jerky

Beginning June 6 thru June 13, 2016 the World’s Biggest Bag of Beef Jerky will be on display to commemorate National Beef Jerky Day on June 12. Are you the one who can figure out the weight of the beef jerky inside the World’s Biggest Bag of Beef Jerky ? If you can correctly guess the weight of this big bag of beef you will win beef jerky and beef sticks for a year. Dimensions and clues will be posted both here and on Pap’s Facebook page.

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Guess the Weight of the World’s Biggest Individual Bag of Beef Jerky

The World’s Biggest Individual Bag of Beef Jerky will be on display at the Five Star Food Mart located in Danville, Kentucky from June 6 thru June 13, 2016. To enter your guess as to how much is inside simply visit Pap’s Facebook page, Like Us and under Comments post your guesstimate! The winning entry will be notified via Facebook. In case of multiple correct entries, a winner will be determined by a blind drawing.


Share the Selfie Giveaway

If you are in or around the Five Star convenience store in Danville stop in and get a selfie with Pap’s Biggest Bag of Jerky, Post it on Pap’s Facebook page then Share it. We will enter you to win the Share the Selfie drawing for  a box of  beef jerky and beef sticks!


Bag Dimensions: H 36″   x   W 50″   x   D 4″


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